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Production will face numerous challenges this year, including market regulations, increasingly difficult recruitment of qualified and unskilled personnel, management of part-time employees, and competitive salary packages on the market, all against the backdrop of economic and political instability.

Did you know that 1 in 3 employees changes jobs for a better salary, and staff turnover can reach up to 27% in factories?

The Employment Center’s solutions streamline your recruitment and personnel management processes, allowing you to focus on customer retention and portfolio growth. Like in the automotive, logistics, construction, and transportation sectors, staff placement and detachment services are strategic initiatives that bring competitive advantages.

According to a PwC report, by 2030, the transition to a green economy will create 8.4 million jobs for young people. For every green job created, another 1.4 million new jobs can be attributed to it, and most of them will be in sectors such as energy, utilities, and production.

Embrace Your Benefits:

Our industry experience recommends us to offer top-notch consultancy based on market analysis and trends. You reduce the time required for recruitment, and our working method eliminates bureaucracy, reducing costs.

Your success is our success. We anticipate market needs and always offer the best staff placement and detachment management solutions.

We always create services that go beyond convention. We believe that transforming a problem into an opportunity requires agility and expertise on our part, so that you can focus solely on business development.

We understand the challenges of the market and therefore we offer quick solutions. We guarantee the replacement of any employee within 72 hours. Additionally, our working method reduces hiring time. We always have a list of outstanding candidates.

Adaptability to change is an asset, and our team is known for its agility, regardless of your location. We recruit qualified and unqualified personnel every day and have solutions for any challenge.


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Development opportunities can be seized at any time. The secrets of success are the agility and expertise of the team with over 20 years of experience.